ProstaSorb 60 Capsules

ProstaSorb 60 Capsules

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Tesseract Medical Research ProstaSorb, Capsules, 60 Count Bottle

More than half of men older than 50 will experience an enlarged prostate gland (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or BPH). In some men, BPH can significantly impact their quality of life because the prostate gland compresses the urethra, which can cause many challenging lower urinary tract symptoms. The symptoms of BPH can include frequent urination at night, an urgency to urinate with only a small amount of urine, a sensation the bladder isn’t completely empty, a sporadic or weak stream, and straining to urinate.

With healthy male aging in mind and to support optimal functioning of the prostate, Tesseract has leveraged its proprietary nutrient delivery technology to launch ProstaSorb.* ProstaSorb is Tesseract’s blend of three clinically tested botanical extracts that support prostate health: Serenoa repens (saw palmetto), Pygeum africanum, and Cucurbita pepo (summer pumpkin).* Clinical research has demonstrated the effectiveness of these three ingredients in providing nutritional support for moderating the urological symptoms.*

Tesseract’s innovative nutrient transport system utilizes its proprietary CyLoc technology to allow nutrients to pass through the stomach without stomach acid degrading nutrient integrity. Tesseract’s DexKey™ technology then releases each nutrient molecule at the desired point in the gastrointestinal tract – thus creating unprecedented absorption and bioavailability.

Optimal absorption means smaller amounts of each active ingredient is required to achieve superior results. This ability to micro-dose allows all three of ProstaSorb’s botanical nutrients to achieve maximum efficacy in a single capsule. Therapeutic Benefits of ProstaSorb

  • Mitigates progressive enlargement and hyperplasia of the prostate gland*

  • Decreases compression of the urethra and the bladder*

  • Promotes normal urinary flow and volume*

  • Decreases residual urine volume in the bladder*

  • Decreases frequency of urination, resulting in improved sleep patterns*